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" That's my girl!   She's doing wonderfully!  The changes are dramatic and her mobility is improving daily.  She's even back to playing.   I cannot thank you all enough..." read more


Canine Knee Braces: A rehab professional's guide

How do dogs adjust to wearing a canine knee brace for ACL injury?

Leg braces for smaller dogs


Jim Alaimo Presents at Annual Southern Veterinary Conference in Birmingham, Alabama

New Jersey Family Pet Show - Somerset, NJ - November 7 & 8, 2015

Welcome Jim, to the My Pet's Brace Team!


My Pet's Brace founders Jim Alaimo and Mark Hardin have enjoyed their pets from an early age. Now they want to help pets live happier lives by applying their 25 years of experience in human orthotics and prosthetics to animal orthopedics.

baby jim
It occurs to Jim that leg braces could help dogs. His friend promises to help lick any problems.

mark baby
Mark finds out early on that dogs tell great jokes.

We thank our young friends and their dogs for helping Jim and Mark reconstruct their childhoods. Authentic current pictures of Jim and Mark can be found in the About Us section of this website.

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Custom Orthopedic Devices and Braces for Dogs

At My Pet's Brace we have a passion for Helping Pets Live Happier Lives. We express this through innovative design and fabrication of custom leg braces, prosthetics and orthopedic devices for dogs and other animals. Starting with a thorough clinical evaluation, our services are delivered in a compassionate and professional manner.

Leg Braces and Prosthetics for Dogs and Other Animals

We promise that working with us will be a no-hassle, efficient and enjoyable experience and that the clinical outcomes for our patients will be higher activity levels, improved mobility and greater wellbeing.

We strongly believe that the most successful results for our patients are the product of a team effort among the pet's family, veterinarian, animal rehabilitation professional and our My Pet's Brace practitioners. We support all of the team members for as long as we are needed.

Join our team and let us design and build a top-quality, custom-made leg brace, prosthesis or other orthopedic device for your animal.

Pet Orthotics and Animal Prosthetics

My Pet's Brace provides orthotic and prosthetic solutions for front and hind leg injuries and etiologies in dogs, cats and other animals. We also provide innovative assistive devices for the spine and other orthopedic conditions in animals.

Our prosthetic designs have capitalized on recent significant advancements in the materials used to build our devices and we are incorporating them in our veterinary products.

For more information, go to the Products area of this website. The Product Reference Guide explains the conditions for which each brace is used and the functional improvements it offers.


Carpal Braces... are widely used to support or immobilize the joint for injuries to the paw, carpal and metacarpal areas. Etiologies such a Carpal Collapse, Knuckling or Paralysis, Joint Instability, Hyper-Extension, Arthrodesis, and Severe Strains can be addressed with a brace that supports and protects the carpal area and paw.

Elbow Braces... provide support or immobilization for the Radial/Ulnar and Humerus areas. They are used for etiologies such as Arthritis, Degenerative Joint Disease, Dysplasia and Chronic Instability of the Elbow Joint. Elbow braces are generally used on a short-term basis pre- or post-surgically or can be used long-term for chronic instability.


Tarsal Braces... are widely used to support or immobilize the joint for injuries to the paw, tarsal and metatarsal areas. Etiologies such Fractures, Knuckling, Paralysis, Arthrodesis, Luxation and Severe Strains can be addressed with a brace that supports and protects the tarsal area and paw.

Hock Braces... since most leg injuries in dogs occur in the hind limbs, especially in athletic and aging animals, hock braces are some of the most commonly used orthotics for companion animals. Etiologies such as Achilles Tendon Injury or Repair, Arthrodesis, Contracture Management, Tendonitis and Nerve Injuryare all treated successfully with custom orthotic bracing.

Stifle Braces... are used to control various unwanted knee motions. Our CCL stifle brace controls the anterior drawer movement of the femur on the tibia, but variations of the brace are also used for Medial and Lateral Instability, Contracture and Fracture Management, Arthrodesis and Varus/Valgus Deformities. Post-surgically they provide support for TLPO, TTA and Lateral Suture repairs. Pre-surgically, stifle braces are used in juvenile dogs with open proximal tibial growth plates.


Cervical and thoracic injuries or congenital abnormalities such as Torticollis in dogs can be addressed with stabilization of the spine. Depending on the type of brace, control of flexion, extension and some rotary motion can be obtained with a custom brace.


When a prosthesis is needed we are able to fabricate prosthetic limbs that can replace the fore leg below the elbow joint and the hind leg below the stifle. Replacing a missing limb with a prosthesis allows equal weight-bearing on both legs which can eliminate overuse syndrome on the sound side of the shoulder, hip, or spine.


Our orthotic devices are able to support and protect weakened legs and other body parts and can aid in reducing contractures and maintaining range of motion gains achieved in therapy. Our prosthetic devices can provide increased function when body weight or activity level necessitates the need for additional support.

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