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Mobility carts and wheelchairs for dogs, cats and other animals

At My Pet's Brace we proudly offer Eddie's Wheels mobility carts. Mobility carts (also known as pet wheelchairs) are most often used when the patient has lost or is losing the use of one or more of its legs. Some examples are amputation of a front or rear leg; neurological disorders due to trauma or disease such as degenerative myelopathy; and, general weakness and instability due to arthritis or old age.

Process: Clients can order a cart directly from Eddie's Wheels, but for those within driving distance of the My Pet's Brace clinic in Morgantown, Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia, we provide an added service. The service starts with a visit to our facility for evaluation of the pet, selection of the best type of cart, and measurements (accurate measuring is very important for a good fit). We then order the cart and have it sent to our facility and the pet is brought back in for fitting and follow-up guidance. We charge $100 for this service in addition to the cost of the mobility cart.

To Order: for clients who can bring their pets to our clinic in Morgantown, Pennsylvania, please call us at (610) 286-0018 to make an appointment or for more information. For clients who want to order directly from Eddie's Wheels, please call them toll free at (888) 211-2700 or go to their website at

Eddie's Wheels: Ed and Leslie Grinnell started Eddie's Wheels in 1999 and now provide high quality mobility carts to patients around the world. We believe their carts are exceptional because:

  • Each cart is individually designed and built to the pet's specific measurements and to address the pet's specific injury or condition.
  • Pets are able to urinate and defecate while standing in the wheelchair.
  • These carts provide for adjustment or upgrades as the pet's condition improves or changes, allowing for rehabilitation or offering more support if the pet's condition deteriorates.
  • Eddie's Wheels manufactures the only two-wheeled mobility cart for animals with front leg disabilities.