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Product Overview: Canine Knee Braces and Other Leg Braces for Dogs

My Pet's Brace provides leg braces and prosthetics for front and hind leg injuries and etiologies. We also provide innovative solutions, including assistive devices, for the spine and other orthopedic conditions in animals. Our leg braces and other orthotic devices are able to support or protect weakened limbs and other body parts and can aid in reducing contractures and maintain range of motion gains achieved in therapy.

Our prosthetic designs have capitalized on the significant advancements in materials over the last few years and we are introducing them to the veterinary industry. We are continuously updating this line so feel free to review it on a regular basis.

To find pictures and other information about the leg brace or other device you are considering for your pet, go to the Related Links section on this page and click the appropriate link.

To ask a question about your pet's unique condition, click the red Ask A Question ball found in the left margin of every page in our website. Your question will be quickly answered by a Certified Prosthetist Orthotist experienced in veterinary orthotics and prosthetics.