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Prosthetics for dogs and other animals

Some animals can lead a fairly normal three-legged life without the need for prosthetic replacement. However at My Pet's Brace we realize that there are times when body weight or activity level necessitates the need for additional support and increased function.

In these cases we are able to fabricate prosthetic limbs that can replace the fore limb at the carpal, radius and ulnar, below the elbow joint, and in the hind limb below the stifle. This allows equal weight-bearing on both legs which is advantageous in order to eliminate overuse syndrome on the sound side of the shoulder, hip, or spine.

Prosthetics are also used immediately following surgical removal of the non-functional portion of the leg in order to keep the surgical site clean, reduce edema, prevent contractures and improve mobility. These temporary or immediate post-operative prostheses can be made to be easily removed in order to check the surgical site on a routine basis.

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