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Canine knee braces: Stifle Braces

Like humans, dogs routinely injure the anterior or Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL) in their knees. Since the CCL prevents subluxation of the knee joint, maintaining its integrity is of primary concern.

Stifle braces are used to control various unwanted knee motions. Our CCL stifle brace controls the anterior drawer movement of the femur on the tibia, but variations of the brace are also used for Medial and Lateral Instability, Contracture and Fracture Management, Arthrodesis, and Varus/Valgus Deformities. Post-surgically they provide support for TLPO and Lateral Suture repairs. Pre-surgically, stifle braces are used in juvenile dogs with open proximal tibial growth plates.

In more involved cases both the Stifle and Hock joints must be controlled which results in the need for a hinge for both joint axes. Based on the diagnosis, these braces can incorporate various types of flexible or adjustable hinges or joints in order to allow or restrict motion at either or both axes.

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