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April 2020
  • Weight, Joint Issues & Leg Braces • read more
  • 4 Guidelines When Fitting A Knee Brace For A CCL Injury • read more
March 2020 February 2020
  • Case Study – Ginny a Bluetick Coonhound with Neosporosis • read more
  • The Big Day Has Arrived – Brace Delivery at a My Pet’s Brace Facility • read more
January 2020
  • Case Study: Hannibull – A Cadaver Dog With A CCL Injury • read more
  • Let’s Talk About Casting • read more
December 2019
  • Case Study: Leo – A Springer Spaniel With Double Jointed Hock Brace for Knuckling • read more
  • Year End Reflections • read more
November 2019
  • Case Study: Wicca – a Cane Corso from Canada with a CCL Tear in her Left Hind Leg • read more
  • How To Clean And Maintain Your Pet’s Brace • read more
October 2019
  • Case Study: Schatze – A Non-Surgical Patient with an Achilles Tendon Rupture • read more
  • What Happens During An Evaluation Appointment At My Pet’s Brace? • read more
September 2019
  • Case Study: Kirahime – a Doberman with a CCL Tear in her Left Hind Leg • read more
  • Why Do We Need A Diagnosis? • read more
August 2019
  • Case Study: Hector – A Rescue Dog From Kuwait With Nerve Damage And An Ulcer On His Elbow • read more
  • Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, What Color Brace Shall I Do? • read more
July 2019
  • Case Study: Rockne – a Golden Retriever with a CCL Tear in her Left Hind Leg • read more
  • When Are X-Rays Needed To Make A Dog Brace? • read more
June 2019
  • Case Study: Purdy – a Golden Retriever with Bilateral Rear Prostheses • read more
  • To Shave Or Not To Shave (The Dog’s Leg) • read more
May 2019
  • Case Study: Bentley – a Doberman with a CCL Tear • read more
  • Sam Gets A Stifle Brace, Part 2 – The Fitting • read more
April 2019
  • Case Study: Nya – a Shepherd mix with a Carpal Brace Post Fixator Surgery • read more
  • Sam Gets a Stifle Brace, Part 1 – The Casting • read more
March 2019
  • Case Study: Grady – a Labrador Retriever with an Elbow Brace for Arthritis • read more
  • How to Groom a Dog with a Brace • read more
February 2019
  • Case Study: Lucy – a Cocker Spaniel with a Stifle Brace for a Postsurgical CCL Repair • read more
  • Braces and Water • read more
January 2019
  • Case Study: Philomena – a Pug with a Brachial Plexus Injury • read more
  • Can You Make Braces For Cats? • read more
December 2018
  • Case Study: Tonka – a Saint Bernard with a CCL Tear • read more
  • Frequently Asked Questions- Choosing A Knee Brace From My Pet’s Brace • read more
November 2018
  • Case Study: Teddy Bear – a Samoyed with a Rear Prosthesis • read more
  • Am I done with this thing yet? —Weaning your dog from your My Pet’s Brace Knee Brace • read more
October 2018
  • Case Study: Denali – a Labrador Retriever with a CCL tear in her left hind leg • read more
  • Rehabilitation Therapy and Braces • read more
September 2018
  • Case Study: Bella with Nerve Damage and Rotation of the Hock • read more
  • How Do Dogs Adjust To Wearing A Brace? • read more
July 2018
  • Does Altering Your Dog Increase the Chance of Orthopedic Problems? • read more
  • Case Study: Nikko with Bilateral CCL Tears • read more
October 2014
  • Canine Knee Braces: A rehab professional’s guide • read more
August 2014
  • How do dogs adjust to wearing a canine knee brace for ACL injury? • read more
August 2013 May 2013
  • ASPCA Dog Rehabilitation Center • read more
  • Goliath the camel and his custom orthopedic shoes • read more
February 2013
  • Beautiful dog photography from National Geographic – the evolution of dogs • read more
  • Obesity a risk to dog’s health and joints – updated April 2015 • read more
  • Hiking With Your Dog • read more
October 2012
  • My Pet’s Brace has made many leg braces for “rescue dogs”–we wanted to find out more about our pet welfare communities and how they work • read more
July 2012
  • Dog obesity a risk to pet health; stress to bones and ligaments can necessitate a leg brace • read more
May 2012 August 2011
  • How today’s materials have made orthotics & prosthetics an emerging field in the veterinary industry • read more
  • Pet insurance: will it pay for leg braces for dogs? • read more
July 2011
  • View bracing options for knee injuries in dogs • read more
June 2011
  • When is a leg brace or prosthesis a good option for a dog or pet? • read more
April 2011
  • “10 Humane Ways to Discipline Your Dog” & “10 Practical Tricks to Teach Your Dog” • read more
March 2011
  • Achilles tendon injury in Doberman case study • read more
  • To brace or not to brace… that is the Stifle question • read more