How We Help Your Pet

To help your pet walk comfortably again, My Pet's Brace provides custom leg braces and prosthetics made individually for each front and hind leg injury. Our popular stifle or knee brace for dogs is a proven, effective solution for ACL or CCL injuries and they are a successful alternative when surgery is not an option due to:

  • Advanced age of the pet
  • Concerns about the surgery recovery period
  • Desire for conservative management
  • Concerns about funding the surgery

In addition to knee (stifle) braces we also provide custom-made orthotic braces for the ankle (hock and tarsal), wrist (carpal), elbow and spine as well as prosthetics when sufficient residual limb is available.

Here's what pet families are saying about My Pet's Brace

At My Pet's Brace we have a passion for Helping Pets Live Happier Lives. To achieve the most comfortable and secure fit possible, our innovative custom leg braces and prosthetics are made individually and uniquely for your dog.  Our promise is that your pet will receive the very best care delivered in a warm, caring and helpful manner.

It occurs to Jim that leg braces could help dogs. His friend promises to help lick any problems.


My Pet's Brace founder, Jim Alaimo, enjoyed pets from an early age. Now he helps pets live happier lives by applying his 25 years of experience in human orthotics and prosthetics to animal orthopedics.

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Hi! I got Charlie a knee brace a month ago and she is doing GREAT with it! For the first time in almost a year she CAN NOW go on walks without stopping!!! Now she can even go up and down stairs with it on!(supervised)!!! I want to send a special THANK YOU to Katie Mirobelli (Pittsburgh office) and her assistant (sorry I forget her name)!!!! They did an outstanding job CUSTOM fitting her brace!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were caring, patient, and very informative!!!!!!!!!!! We thank you!!!!!!!!!!! read more

Peru B , submitted 08/2019

This is truly a great alternative to traditional surgical correction, especially for dogs that are not ideal surgical candidates... read more

Dr. Robert Billman, DVM , submitted 08/2019

We love My Pet's Brace! They take such great care of Sparkie from making the cast for his brace and making the brace for his left rear leg... read more

Peggy F , submitted 07/2019